Wendy Katzman (“Katz”) and Tracy Dobmeier (“Dobs”) have been cracking each other up for over 20 years, ever since they first met after moving to Seattle in the mid-1990s with their husbands (the original Katz n Dobs). Their friendship has sustained them through the ups and downs of raising kids, juggling careers, creating new family traditions, and attending so many musicals (both their husbands’ favorite form of live theater). 


Over the years, as they left behind successful careers to focus on raising their kids, Katz & Dobs suffered from occasional bouts of boredom and worries about botched potential. But their hobby of brainstorming ideas for future professional collaboration provided excellent distraction. And if the perfect idea appeared, they’d be ready. After navigating college admissions mania with their kids (long before Operation Varsity Blues), they knew there was a story to be told about parents who go temporarily insane in their quest for the holy grail of elite college acceptances for their children. But Katz & Dobs were bored with the straight-ahead narrative styles of their former professional lives (Katz = marketing specialist; Dobs = lawyer). They wanted to create, not report. So rather than tell the story with facts, research, and arguments, they decided to make it all up, and have some fun along the way.


As they embarked on this “novel” journey together, the first question everyone asked (eyebrows knitted together) was: How (on earth!) do you write fiction together? By way of explanation, they wrote an essay, which may or may not shed light: An Idiosyncratic Guide to Writing Together.

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